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Thank you for considering me help create your brand.

I’m stoked for you because branding is the base of every great business.

And if you're here it means you're serious about your business and ready to fly. Woohoo!


 Branding is everything!

Body: Nailing your brand is the best way to set you business up for success.

What better way to say “Hey, I’ve got my shit together” than with a super cohesive brand created specifically for you.


Branding is so much more than just a fun logo. It's the colours, the fonts, the voice, the photography, the strategies... If your brand was a person, branding would be their personality. And no one wants to deal with someone with no personality!



Title: Why branding matter

Body: Good branding increases the value of a company and provides you with direction and motivation. It sets the tone for the whole business. It improves recognition, creates trust, supports advertising, and adds value.


Good branding saves you time and money and by creating a clear visual direction that targets your kind of people.


I will provide you with all the resources to streamline your brand and create the best content ever. Whether that is a mini brand pack, or a full branding + socials package we will find the perfect fit for you!




My background is in visual merchandising so I know the importance of maximising the aesthetics of your brand and products to attract the right customers.

See more about me here


Nothing brings me more joy than seeing a business shine with their snazzy new logo and design elements.



Row of logos I've created - each photo links to case studies

Under the images: Click here to see more of my work

(Links to folio landing page)



What's the process?


Step #1


Get in touch!


Email me at to express your interest.

I will send you through my full info pack and a fun questionnaire for you to fill out


Step #2


Planting the seeds of ideas in my head!


Once your questionnaire is filled out I will review it and then get you started on some Pinterest homework. Once your Pinterest + questionnaire is done we have a Zoom chat / meeting to go over your questionnaire + Pinterest board and chat about your wants, needs and goals!


Step #3


Quote + deposit!

After our meeting I will put together a quote for you with all your selections and a design proposal for what I will do for you.

Make any changes and then a 50% deposit is required up front to start any design work.


Step #4


Let's get started!

I take your wants, needs and ideas and start to grow them into a super cohesive branding pack.


Step #5


A sprout has formed! And the sprout is your logo options!

You will receive black and white versions of logo options to choose from.

After your feedback I will make any changes and then move onto the final design round.


Step #6


Just like magic!

You will be presented with your final branding package in a detailed PDF document.

Here you can make any final changes and I'll get them done!

Final payment is due at this stage.


Step #7


A fully formed brand!

You will receive your branding package and all of your final high-res files, ready to be used. Here you can decide if you wish to continue with me to create some great ongoing content together, or use your branding package to DIY!

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Illustration + Graphic Design Folio

Illustration + Graphic Design Folio

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