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(2/24) BASIL - Spice Rack + Jar Print

It’s cold outside and I’d love to warm you all up, so let’s get spicy!I’m finally releasing my VE...

It’s cold outside and I’d love to warm you all up, so let’s get spicy!
I’m finally releasing my VERY limited run of spice jar prints.


🏘1 x A2 print (numbered + signed)
🏠1 x Mini print of your chosen spice jar (there’s only 1 of each)
🌶1 x A1 (HUGE) Black and white outline colouring in print
🥵+ a few extra spicy goodies!

PLUS For every order I will donate $30 to Safe Steps - An organisation that provides specialist support services for anyone in Victoria who is experiencing or afraid of family violence.

If all 24 print packs are sold, together we will raise $720. This will help cover relocation costs for 2 families moving house due to family violence.



🌶Let me tell you a spicy story!🌶

In August 2020 I came across a photo of the cutest little spice jars that I’ve ever seen.

I spent the next couple of hours searching the Internet high and low trying to find myself a set. I asked myself, ‘can I really justify spending $500+, during a global pandemic, on shipping spice jars over to Australia?’ The answer was no.

I decided to draw them instead. If I couldn’t have the set, I would fill the mini-house-spice-rack shaped hole in my heart with a cute AF illustration.

What followed was months and months of chipping away at this illustration. I used it to relax me when I was feeling anxious, I used it to distract me from the constant terrible news on tv and I used it to warm up on days where I had a lot of illustration work to do.

In January I was nearly finished, I just had to add a few finishing touches. Then I got a  DM from a real life angel @kathleenmay

One trip to Wonthaggi later and I’m now the owner of my very own set! The lady that sold them to me had spent years slowly collecting the set. One of her friends built her the rack that they sit on. Unfortunately she no longer had space for them, but was happy to see them go to a new home.


** NOTE **

The prints will be made to order, so allow some time for the prints to arrive at your door!



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