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Q - Do you take commissions?

A - I sure do! But not all the time. The best way to check if my commissions are opened is to go to my shop! If they're not sold out you are good to go! Just order via the shop.

If they are sold out you can follow my instagram for updates on when they open back up again.


Q - Can you create [insert anything creative here] for me?

A - This is the BIG question and it has a BIG answer.

Design - Almost anything! Branding, creating templates for you, making your info packs look snazzy, designing thank you cards and packaging and merch! The options are endless

Styling - Anything from photo styling + food styling to interior design. Although I no longer do fashion styling.

Illustration - You name it, I can illustrate it for you (unless it's offensive, then you're in the wrong place, but also just don't)

Coaching - I offer coaching to a lot of my clients so that they have all the right tools to keep their businesses thriving. This is anything from template set ups, idea brainstorms, brand analysis, content creation ideas / social strategies and any other on-going support. Once we work together I become very invested in your business and will always cheer you on!


TLDR - Yes, yes I can! Unless it's the next question...


Q - Can you build my website for me?

A - No. Unfortunately my brain is filled to the brim with creative things, so there's no room left for HTML. I do however work closely with a web designer. He codes all my HTML email signatures for me and is a 10/10 human!

You can find him here


Q - Do you do murals/ painting / hand lettering?

A - I sure do! Send me an email with your ideas and we can make it happen!


Q - Do you do prints of X drawing?

A - Prints will be released in limited batches in my online shop. Once they're sold out they won't be available for purchase again. I used to offer printing of any illustration but unfortunately I no longer have the time to do that.


Q - Can you talk at my event?

A - Yes! Shoot me an email

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